Why buy from us? Compare our standard features to any other dealer and find out for yourself!
We offer the best value given the high quality of materials we use and the time and attention we give each and every set we build and finish!
We are one of the few builders who are certified by the ACA for quality construction practices.

    Standard Features
    Cabinet Grade 1/2" Birch Plywood Tops - Smooth finish, excellent playability.
    - This is not like the plywood you buy at the local hardware store!
    - Standard plywood tends to warp or have grooves in the grain. Even the sanded stuff!
    Top Choice Finish Grade 2x4s - Superior to the basic framing boards others use.
    Finished with clear gloss sealant for protection.
    Strong pocket hole joint construction.
    Perfect 6" holes. No jigsaws here!
    No visible screw holes or spackle on any painted surface.
    Strong, foldable 2x4 leg construction with carriage bolts and wing nuts
    - Our legs won't snap in half when your friend or kids accidentally stand on our boards!
    - No tripping over our legs! Our legs do not fold back behind the board.
    We paint the sides and legs and touch up our boards!
    - We touch up the joints, bleed, etc. to give our boards a quality finished look.
    Complete cornhole bag set included in our price. 8 bags with 16 colors to choose from.

If you are still thinking about building your own, don't forget your time and tools needed to do the job right.
There is no way to build one set cheaper than us using the same materials if you value your time.
We build them in bulk so we can pass the savings on to you!

The Board Construction

Our boards are quality constructed using 1/2" cabinet grade birch plywood. Not the cheap stuff many other dealers use.
24"x 48" (2 feet by 4 feet) with the 6" hole centered 9 inches from the top and 12 inches from each side.
The play surface is framed with sturdy 2x4 boards and folding legs for portability.
The back measures 12" off the ground and the front measures 4" off the ground.
We DO NOT use any other type of wood. 1/2" Plywood is the regulation for the board tops, NOT 3/4" or plastic.
We DO NOT use 1"x 4" or 2"x 3" boards for the frame or legs. Our 2"x 4" construction is meant to last and prevent bounce.
We DO NOT use any other size for the hole. 6" is the regulation, NOT 4", NOT 5" or any other size.

The Bags

Our standard bags are made of quality Duck Cloth canvas material measuring 6"x 6" and weighing between 15-16 ounces filled with whole corn kernels.
This is the regulation that all serious cornhole players use.
We also have all weather bags for those who need more wet weather protection.
The difference is those bags use plastic beads inside instead of corn.
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